Forbidden Planet

A concise way to describe Alicia Machado’s career and lifestyle is that she is a high-end prostitute. In America, she’s known for being “Miss Universe” 20 years ago, but in the Spanish-speaking world she’s known for being naked and/or performing sex acts in various media, and for being a “girlfriend” to various gangsters. That’s who she is.

Hillary Clinton is the serial enabler of the world’s most notorious womanizer. The Clinton name is more closely associated with the sexual exploitation of employees than with any government policy, and Hillary is thoroughly complicit in Bill’s abuses. She is also a notoriously and conspicuously corrupt politician, having been caught in innumerable lies and tied to all manner of shady dealings. That’s who she is.

Donald Trump is a notorious womanizer who’s made a habit of marrying nude models and then abandoning them for younger nude models. His businesses have included strip clubs and agencies that supply nude models. He’s also a shameless braggart and a liar who never gives a straight answer to anything and who (allegedly) makes a habit of cheating his business partners. That’s who he is.

In 2016, what’s in the public mind as a serious issue that should determine who will rule the United States? What’s in the candidates’ advertisements? What was talked about at the Presidential debate?

Donald called Alicia “fat,” and Hillary say that’s just too mean.

That’s what the contest for President of United States looks like: three of the world’s most shamelessly immoral people fighting over who’s a meanie. Reality TV has leaped off our screens and come to horrible life in our nation’s highest offices and institutions. It’s like that “Forbidden Planet” trope where the characters’ subconscious thoughts manifest and attack them. (Life imitates art?)

I don’t have any real point here. It’s just kind of blowing my mind.

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  1. “Guilty! Guilty; my evil Self is at that door, and I have no power to stop it!” ~ Dr. Morbius (from “Forbidden Planet”, 1956)

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