“The Wold” Featured in Issue 1 of “Adversus Press”

I am pleased to have my story The Wold featured in the inaugural issue of Adversus Press.

Mara had only two dreams; all others were variations of the two. In the first dream, darkness entombed and suffocated her, and she woke up crying with terror. She hated this dream because it made her afraid of the dark, and the dark was where she had to live. In the second dream, she was in a bright place with no walls or ceiling, and she woke up overwhelmed by an intense longing that she did not understand. This dream was exhilarating, but it made the waking world seem small, dim, and lifeless, so she hated it too.

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A Matrix Trilogy

I would still like to see a Matrix trilogy.

Yes, the Wachowskis made three movies with the word “Matrix” in their titles, but no one who loves The Matrix is satisfied with the sequels. They weren’t really sequels so much as a weird sort of meta-fan fiction. They didn’t continue any of the themes of the first movie and they didn’t really continue the story. They told a different (much less interesting) story that looked like the original but had a completely different core. Continue reading A Matrix Trilogy